ModCloth Is Retiring Its "Plus Size" Labels

In our coverage of the plus-size fashion community over the past year or so, one theme has emerged as superior to the rest: Women who are larger than straight sizes (0 to 10) have long wanted to do away with the term "plus size" or any verbiage that separates larger sizes from straight ones. E-retailer ModCloth just took a big step in that direction.

The e-commerce site announced today that while it will still carry all the same sizes as before, it will completely do away with the "plus size" labels attached to some. After polling its shoppers, the brand learned (unsurprisingly) that women who are not straight sized no longer want to shop in special sections dedicated to them.

"We got the results from our latest inclusivity survey and found that nearly two-thirds of women are embarrassed by having to go to a separate section of the store to find 'plus-sized' clothing, and over half no longer want to be labeled 'plus,'" reads a press release from the brand. The survey also found that a whopping 84% of women would shop more regularly and spend more if on-trend clothing were available in their sizes.

ModCloth is a massive retailer, so this is very exciting news regarding the progression of fashion's view of plus-size women. Hooray! Keep scrolling to shop some of our favorite non–straight-sized pieces now!