This Brand Had Thousands of Requests to Extend Its Size, so They Did

Piecing together a work wardrobe is challenging. There’s always a balance of appropriateness, polish, and personal style. But at the very least, there shouldn’t be a concern that items checking off all these boxes don’t come in your size. One brand is taking steps to become a bit more inclusive and solve this problem, and it’s all because you asked.

“MM.LaFleur has received thousands of requests from women who said, ‘I love the look of your clothes, but I wish your line didn’t stop at size 16,’” the press release for the three-year-old brand reads. And in direct response, today it introduced MM.LaFleur First Addition, an expansion of its elevated essentials for anyone who abides by a professional office dress code Monday though Friday. With this launch, the new sizes extend into +1, +2, and +3, reaching the equivalent of a size 22W.

While only a part of the original MM.LaFleur line is available in these more inclusive sizes right now, there’s more to come. The brand promises that 20 additional styles will be added in the coming weeks. Of course, if there’s anything else you think is missing, you can always just ask.

Scroll down for some of the sleekest work staples available for nearly every body.