What Meeting Miranda Kerr Taught Me About Life and Style

"We've met before!" These were Miranda Kerr's first words when I met her to discuss her latest project, a holiday-themed jewellery collection for Swarovski. In a room filled with other journalists, Kerr, for whatever reason, had singled me out, convinced that this was not our first encounter.

Although I've never been particularly overwhelmed by the aura of celebrity, I found myself suddenly—nervously—at rapt attention. "No, I don't think so," I told her, wondering if the countless magazine covers, campaigns, and stories I'd seen starring the supermodel had actually been some sort of mysteriously shared experience. Was that Us Weekly I’d browsed at the airport actually a moment between Miranda and me?

I’d have to settle for never knowing, but Kerr wouldn't give up, staring at me with a look that implied I was messing with her and it was time to fess up. I had nothing to offer, but it was difficult to fully let her down. You see, even to a female of the straight variety like myself, her perfectly symmetrical features and unexpectedly casual demeanour were pretty mesmerising. “It must have been in a past life,” Kerr half-joked, and I conceded. It must have been, I now believed.

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We were in Austria, of all places, as Swarovski has called the country home for 120 years. But Kerr, in a piercing white Halston Heritage frock, somehow managed to trump the surrounding Alps and ample greenery (not to mention the deadlines churning in my head), drawing me in for what felt more like a therapy session–meets–spa day than a routine chat with press. “I really wanted to create something that was meaningful, something that feels really special—whether you’re giving it to someone or buying it for yourself,” she told me, playing with one of the delicate bracelets on her wrist. “Sort of like a little blessing, a personal sentiment that can uplift or inspire.”

I had already been introduced to the line, which seemed on par with her description—there are recurring charms throughout: a heart chosen because, in the words of Kerr, “everything we do comes from either fear or love, and I wanted to remind people to come at things with love”; a snowflake representing our collective diversity; a wing symbolic of grace and freedom; and so on. But I felt a little guilty ogling each gem, knowing that, for as long as I can remember, I’ve been ambivalent about jewellery. Finding most of it too flashy or uncomfortable, I’ve just never regularly worn it. Yes, I’ve admired it on other people, but never really yearned for it myself.


Getty Images for Swarovski

Still curious, however, I prodded Kerr for her inspiration, expecting other jewellery perhaps, or works of art. Instead, she cited authors. Renowned poets like Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Pablo Neruda, along with the controversial philosopher David Hawkins. “His books are really good, and I have them with me at all times,” Kerr explained. “Right now I’m reading Letting Go, which is about letting go of any ideas you might have that are blocking you in your life somehow, so you can be free to live every day as a new beginning.”

This could have easily seemed Hallmark-ian, but instead it just felt true. As I nodded along, only half-realising that a onetime Victoria’s Secret model was giving me amazing life advice, a small box was placed in front of me. Inside, a silver-and-blue evil eye charm, strung along a very thin chain. I wanted it instantly—me, Miss Anti-Jewellery—and its message of strength and protection only increased that desire. Maybe this was my first experience of the aforementioned letting go?



“There’s this quote by Yogi Bhajan, who’s a Kundalini yoga guru,” Miranda continued, “where he says something like, ‘All of you, running around doing a hundred things, trying to be all of these different things—just stop: Be you. Be. You.’ It really resonates with me.” And I couldn’t deny it—it was resonating with me, too. Perhaps it was the bright sunlight, or the jet lag, or Kerr’s genuine spirituality rubbing off, but I felt myself needing something symbolic for once. What might have once felt corny to me now seemed crucial.

I thought of those stressful deadlines, of losing my father earlier this year, of struggling with illness, and so on—all tough experiences that I’d overcome (and would continue to) with good old strength and protection. Kerr went on: “As humans, we all have challenges and struggles, but his message is all about working through those, not running from them, but going toward them and embracing them like, OK, bring it on. Let’s do this. [Eventually] you’ll get to the other side.” Yes, you could get to the other side—this I knew—but a charm to remind me of that couldn’t hurt. In fact, it seemed ideal. After all, if we’re going to fight a few good fights in this life, why shouldn’t we commemorate them with a few pretty little gems?

Kerr ended up gifting me with the necklace, once more insisting that we had met before. Whether or not that was true, I had a hunch that this time around would be tough to forget.

The Miranda Kerr for Swarovski collection launches on Swarovski.com and in Swarovski boutiques on July 27. Scroll down to see some of my favourite pieces from the collection before they go on sale!

Miranda Kerr for Swarovski Duo Evil Eye Pendant ($89)

Miranda Kerr for Swarovski Diapason Bangle ($149)

Miranda Kerr for Swarovski Duo Grace Pendant ($89)

Miranda Kerr for Swarovski Duo Bangle Evil Eye ($89)

Miranda Kerr for Swarovski Diapason All-Around Waterfall Necklace ($299)

Miranda Kerr for Swarovski Duo Clover Pendant ($89)

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