Meet The Supermodel With the Best Sporty Style

If you've ever perused a street style website, you've no doubt noticed Ming Xi. She's the fresh-faced model that has mastered the art of sporty dressing (and the one with the killer collection of sneakers). We recently chatted with Xi about her look and got her best tips and tricks to share with you. 

Scroll down for the Q&A!

We love how you incorporate sporty pieces into your look! How would you describe your style?
I would describe my style as sporty, young, high street, plus a little sweet, cute, and sexy all mixed together!"

What brands do you think have great sporty pieces that you can wear every day?
"I think that Alexander Wang  and T by Alexander Wang have great sporty pieces, but I also love Kenzo and Opening Ceremony for their interesting takes on activewear. For sneakers, I love Nike, Raf Simons for Adidas, and even Chanel has some cool ones too!"

How many pairs of sneakers do you own? Do you have a favourite pair?
"A lot! I love my New Balance Custom ID ones; I made them black and white with my name on the back. They're really easy to mix and match with most kinds of styles."

What are some prints and colours that are good for getting a sporty look?
Whatever the print may be, it needs to be modern. That will bring chicness to the sporty look, and make it cool."

What pieces do you need to get a sporty look?
"Sneakers! Also a cool sports jacket really pulls the look together!"

Who are your some of your favourite style inspirations?
"Hanne Gaby Odiele has such great taste! She's really good at mixing so many different types of styles together, and making it look cool. Abby Lee Kershaw, too—I love her!"


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Is it easier to dress sporty in the warmer months or colder months? Any style tips?
Definitely the summer. You can throw on a sports bra, athletic shorts, and a pair of sneakers—done! For winter, you can put on a sporty jacket, and a cool hat."

Do you have any websites, blogs, or Instagram accounts you follow for style inspiration?
I like to check Tommy Ton's street style snaps for inspiration!"

When it comes to beauty, if you’re going for a sporty look does that influence the way you wear your hair and what makeup you put on? 
Yes, normally I'll tie my hair up if I have a sportier look on just to give it that extra touch. For make-up, I just keep it clean and simple on the the face, maybe some blush is cute. You want to look like you're either coming or going to the gym without actually doing it!"

Do you have a favourite workout?
Golf...I hate working out!"

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