The Most Popular Wedding Dress Trends With Millennials

We already discovered the most popular engagement ring trend of the year, but what about wedding dresses? To get to the bottom of the issue, we tapped Ilana Stern, CEO and founder of Weddington Way, for her expert opinion on what's currently trending in the bridal gown world.

"Millennial brides are opting for less traditional bridal gowns," Stern says. "Many are choosing alternative bridesmaid and ready-to-wear options, as they tend to be priced much better than bridal dresses." According to Stern, you can also expect to see some floral wedding dresses this summer: "Florals have been a trend that has been consistently popular (bridal gowns included) for the past couple years. We recently launched this print collection after seeing searches for dark florals on our site increase twofold."

And what about bridesmaid dresses? Stern says there's one color in particularly that everyone seems to love: "In a recent study we did, we found that navy bridesmaid dresses are the most popular in the U.S.—it's the favorite in 38 states! However, Californians love blush."

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