6 Middle Eastern Fashion Girls to Add to Your Instagram Feed

The Middle East has a longstanding relationship with the fashion world—both influencing with its style icons over the ages and inspiring fashion designers for countless years. Earlier this year, the launch of Vogue Arabia underscored the Middle East's power position in the realm of fashion. Savvy brands and designers are finally catering to the Middle Eastern market such as Nike's Pro Hijab and Dolce & Gabbana's collection of hijabs and abayas. There's no shortage of style inspiration from Middle Eastern fashion girls, both overseas and stateside, proving both the chic potential and fashion forwardness of a style sometimes referred to as modest fashion. While there's a long list of Middle Eastern style icons worth having on your radar, we've rounded up six of our favorite fashion girls with the coolest style.

Head below to discover some of our favorite Middle Eastern fashion girls to follow on Instagram.