You'll Never Guess What Michael Kors Almost Named His Iconic Brand

Michael Kors's eponymous brand is a staple of American fashion, and his MK bags can be found in thousands of closets around the country. It's hard to believe then that there was a time when Kors actually planned to name his line something else.

While playing a "fact or fiction" game with Blake Lively, Kors revealed that his company was almost called "Chooch Anderson" instead of Michael Kors. The name comes from Kors's birth name, but that still didn't sway Lively's initial skepticism.

At first, she didn't believe it was true, but Kors confirmed that had things gone differently, she could be "head-to-toe in Chooch Anderson." While we're partial to the name Michael Kors, Lively's suggestion that maybe Chooch could be a side brand or lingerie line does have potential. This might not be the last we hear of Chooch Anderson after all.

Watch Blake Lively and Michael Kors talk about Chooch Anderson and family life in the video below.

video: Michael Kors

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