Michael Kors Made a Surprising Announcement About His Next Runway Show

It's been no secret that the resort 2017 shows are taking the runway to a whole new level. Chanel hosted the first fashion show in decades in Cuba; Dior took guests via express train to Blenheim Palace; and Louis Vuitton staged a show at the Niterói Contemporary Art Museum in Rio de Janeiro.

It seems like the colorful locations and out-of-this-world experiences simply add to the brand's story, since influencers are more willing to share their POV throughout their journey, which in the eyes of global brands is better than a few blurry runway snaps. Some shows have asked guests to be discreet with behind-the-scenes sharing, but none have gone so far as to completely ban social media altogether—which is what Michael Kors is planning to do at his upcoming June 7 presentation. 

The reason for the ban is due to the oversaturated audience, dulling the excitement for when the product is actually available. Stay tuned to see how it all shakes out next week at Kors's resort presentation. 

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Opening Image: Getty Images