Melissa McCarthy's Fashion Advice Is Super Empowering

Here’s a fun fact: Melissa McCarthy was actually pursuing a fashion career before she dropped out of the Fashion Institute of Technology to chase her comedienne dreams full-time. But now the actress is enjoying the best of both worlds with the launch of her Melissa McCarthy Seven7 line, which caters to women of all sizes (ranging from 4 to 28). In celebration of the upcoming launch, the actress sat down with InStyle to chat all things fashion, and her thoughts were as badass and empowering as always. When asked if she has any fashion “don’ts,” McCarthy had this to say:

“No. If you love something and it makes you feel great, wear it. I have two young daughters so I don’t like anything that tears women down. If you want to wear a hot pink tutu and Dr. Martens, I am the first person to say I love it. … It’s [really about confidence]. I don’t believe any of the shoulds, don'ts, this is out, this is in. Because the second something’s out and then someone wears it in a new way, it just comes right back in [laughs]. Nothing is out, because we’re constantly rehashing what we’ve already done. A friend of mine had something on recently that I absolutely loved, and she was like, ‘This is from high school!’”

Well, amen to that! As much as we love to check out the latest trends and try them on for size, we believe that staying true to yourself—no matter what colors, prints, or silhouettes that involves—is the most important style tip to follow.

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