Your May Horoscope Is Here—and It's Really Good


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Happy Taurus season, everyone. We’ve moved out of the fiery and fast-paced vibe that was Aries into the more sensuous and slower-paced energy of Taurus. Taurus season encourages us to get grounded, indulge in our senses, and be patient and persistent with our goals and ideas. Taurus is a Venus-ruled sign, so celebrating all things beautiful, stylish, and harmonious in our lives is a major yes. Let your style express itself this month, enjoy your favorite restaurants and drinks, and get proactive with your to-do list, but at a Taurean pace, of course. Read on to see what the cosmos have to say for your unique sign this month.

After a hectic birthday season, it’s time to slow down and spend a little more time in your home sector. Extra sleep is definitely recommended, as is updating your bedding or home décor or anything that helps you feel nurtured and wonderful in your own space. If you’re feeling especially rundown, take yourself to the spa or spend some time at the beach or some natural body of water.

Happy Birthday, Taurus! This is your month to have fun, get creative, be romantic, and enjoy all things lighthearted in your life. According to astrology, your birthday is known as your solar return—take stock on all the good in your life and be grateful. You are setting yourself up for a brand-new cycle for the year ahead, so enjoy yourself.

This is your month to get balanced and grounded, Gemini, especially if you’ve been feeling like work has been taking over your life as of late. Take space for yourself in the morning or be sure to make time for some form of #selfcare or exercise each day. Trying meditation or a bit of nature therapy is also suggested this month.

This month revolves around relationships for you, Cancer, and would be a great time to take inventory of where your relationships stand. If you’ve been wanting to enter into or exit out of one, this could be the opportune time, as most of your energy this month will circulate around how you connect and care for to the people in your life. Make sure that the energy feels like an even give and take and ask for help when needed.

May can be an excellent time for you to get deep on any topics you’ve been avoiding this year, Leo. Meditation, journaling, and self-inquiry are all great ways to respect yourself and your body’s need to take a rest from time to time. I always like to suggest some form of spiritual reading or self-care during this transit if you’re feeling a bit over exhausted or emotional this month.

Virgo, this is a great month for you to get adventurous and out of your normal day-to-day routine. Travel may be highlighted for you or a form of higher learning or education may feel like a must-do. Whatever you can do this month to get yourself inspired or mentally stimulated is a definite yes, so take a class on something you’ve been wanting to learn or fire up your Amazon Prime and order all the books your heart desires.

A focus on career and goals is up for you this month, Libra. You may be more visible in the world at this time, so center yourself and put your best foot forward. Writing down goals and affirmations for success are encouraged and getting to work on those goals in a must. Enjoy this time as a segue into a very successful period for you—just put in the work!

Get daydreaming this month, Scorpio. Set your imagination on what isn’t exactly in front of you but rather how you’d love for things to be. Writing down goals, aspirations, or making a vision board are all highlighted for you this month. You may also be feeling extra social this month, so make sure the people around you inspire you and lift you up. 

Get meditative this month, Sagittarius. Life may be asking you to slow down a bit, and you’ll feel so good and rejuvenated if you listen. Take time for morning meditation, yoga, or anything that makes you feel more zen than usual. Journaling your dreams or getting an astrology or tarot reading may feel very natural to you this month. Enjoy the calm energy this transit can offer if you are willing to slow down.

New beginnings and fresh vibes color your month, Capricorn. You may be asked to step up as a leader or innovator this month, so put your best foot forward. A closet overhaul or reinventing your look may also be in order—anything that makes you feel rejuvenated and fresh is a yes for May. You may also be feeling more independent (even more so than usual), so you can use this energy to get a lot done on your to-do list. 

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Money on your mind this month, Aquarius? May is an excellent time to get saving or spending, depending on your financial goals. Not sure of what those are? Take some personal inventory of where you see yourself financially by the end of the year and then adjust accordingly.

Pisces, get social and have some fun this month. All things friend-related and small-town adventures will feel like natural go-tos for you in May. This can also be an excellent time to rejuvenate your spirit and reach out to friends and loved ones you’ve lost touch with. Siblings (or chosen siblings) are also highlighted here, so send a text with a hello or an email to reconnect. You never know what kind of magic can come out of this.

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