Is It Just Us, or Is Every Celeb Dressing Like This Lately?

Considering the amount of scrutiny applied to their every sartorial move, we can appreciate when celebrities step out of their comfort zone and take a style risk. And one that seems particularly popular as of late is the head-to-toe print—whether in the form of a camouflage utility jumpsuit à la Bella Hadid or a matching floral crop top/midi skirt set like Elsa Hosk's.

Fashion types have been gradually trading in their monochrome outfits for maximalist garb ever since Alessandro Michele took the helm at Gucci, and the more-is-more aesthetic has infiltrated Hollywood on the red carpet and beyond. These recent takes—bold as they may seem—are actually a fairly approachable trickle-down of the trend. After all, matching sets and all-in-one pieces take the guesswork out of coordinating colors or prints.

Below, see how six stars embraced gingham, stripes, tropical prints, and more—and shop the looks for yourself.

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