Stay Active During Pregnancy in These 18 Pieces

We’d be lying if we said that expecting a baby doesn’t affect your lifestyle. From those unexpected food cravings to a new sleeping schedule, pregnancy can lead you to shift your routine—even those regular workouts. However, you can easily stay on your fitness track with chic maternity workout clothes that’ll hug your bump in all the right ways.

Just because you’re growing another human inside of you doesn’t mean you have to forgo your entire routine. While you might not be able to fit into your favorite yoga pants or sports bras, maternity activewear will keep you feeling fit.

While you might be able to opt out of traditional maternity clothes for your everyday purposes, workout gear is another story, especially when you’re a woman who prefers clothes that’ll accommodate a variety of movements.

To help you reach your fitness goals,we rounded up our favorite brands that make athletic clothes for you and your growing bump. Check them out now.

With these maternity-friendly pieces, working out will be as routine as it was before your belly started growing.