5 Materials That Never Photograph Well

Not too long ago at the Who What Wear office, a co-worker and I were trying to catch the perfect snap of her new velvet shoes—because why wear them if not to share the experience on Instagram? Unfortunately, however, after countless tries, rather than looking like the luxe, artfully crafted ankle boots they were, they continuously fell flat in our (many) attempts, looking more like shapeless dark masses. That was when we remembered velvet, like a lot of materials, doesn't do quite what you want it to in photos. Which brings us to today's post. While we're not suggesting you stay away from these fabrics altogether, if you're looking for that perfect #OOTD snap, you may want to reach for something other than the five materials below.

Scroll through for the materials that never photograph well and, of course, what to wear instead!

Do you have any tips for taking amazing pictures? Share them with us in the comments! 

Opening Image: Edward Berthelot/Getty Images