The Olsen Twins' Philosophy on Fashion Is Totally Refreshing

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen largely stay behind the lens these days. It may seem ironic considering how they first landed on every millennial’s radar back in the ’90s, but today that’s also part of why we’re still so fascinated by the quiet—incredibly successful, and now fashion industry–leading—duo. But in a rare interview and photoshoot with The Edit, Net-a-Porter’s own publication, the Olsens switch it up.

Dressed in their own designs for The Row and Elizabeth and James, naturally, the petite blondes pose for the magazine and offered a rare glimpse into their lives. "We’re used to being on the other side of the camera and managing the process, so it’s hard for us to do photoshoots now,” Mary-Kate reassures the readers about her and her sister’s quiet public personas. “That’s why you have models.”

And though the 30-year-olds and CFDA winners may have spent their entire lives in the spotlight and surely with access to the best of the best in the design world, we also find their approach to style, well, refreshing and down-to-earth. “We just want to help women feel however they want to feel. Every once in a while, we want to change our perfume or our haircut; we want to wear heels or flats," Mary-Kate says, although the feature assures us the ladies are both currently into Dr. Martens. "We just like to switch it up. That’s the beauty of clothes.” We couldn’t agree more.

Scroll down for a peek at the rare shoot, and click over to read the rest of the Olsen twins’ interview.

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