This Girl Got Engaged, Thanks to Her Nike Sneakers

We're suckers for a sweet engagement story. And as Glamour just pointed out, this is one for the books. A woman named Caitlin, a teacher, posted her unique proposal story on How He Asked, explaining that her fiancé buys her a new pair of sneakers at the start of every school year and most recently designed a custom pair of Nike IDs—which happened to be an integral part of her proposal.

"I opened up the Nike ID box and took out one shoe… On the heel of the shoe it read 'ME?'… I immediately thought, 'Wow, Nike really messed up my initials!' By the time I grabbed the other shoe and read the words 'MARRY ME?' on the heal of the sneakers, Eamonn was down on his knee with the most beautiful ring I had ever seen. Both teary eyed, we hugged and I said 'yes' and in the moment completely forgot to put the ring on. It was the most thoughtful proposal I was so shocked and impressed!! .. and like the say “if the shoe fits!” Such a unique engagement story!

Read more about Caitlin's engagement here—and scroll below to check the custom Nikes.

What do you think of this proposal story? Let us know in the comments below. And if you're feeling inspired to shop for your own pair of Nike IDs, check out this selection now.

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