How to Elevate Your Airport Basics, From the Ultimate French Girl

French-girl style is synonymous with simple, timeless wardrobe basics, and we've taken it upon ourselves to investigate every aspect of a French woman's wardrobe: what she never wears to the airport, how she dresses for NYFW, and even what kind of tattoos she has. Regarding that first bit, French actress Marion Cotillard shows us exactly how airport dressing is done. She was spotted catching a plane in Milan looking fresh and simple in a white oversize peacoat that dressed up her black jeans and T-shirt.

Marion made her wardrobe basics look so polished and chic in a way that only a true French woman can (and that we'll be emulating). She paired her jeans and T-shirt with a white coat that makes a statement and looks super cozy. To tie it all together, she added black oxford shoes and a burgundy Hermès crossbody that adds a touch of polish. We also love how she styled her platinum-blonde locks into two Dutch braids.

Scroll down to see how Marion Cotillard elevated her wardrobe basics for the airport.