The 16 Celebs Cool Enough to Join Mario Testino's Private Club

Sometimes it’s all about timing. Mario Testino’s famed “Towel Series” organically started when he snapped a behind-the-scenes photo of Kate Moss in 2013. The iconic model was in the dressing room and had just come out of the shower when Testino captured the below moment. "She was in a robe and a towel on her head and I just decided to capture that moment and post,” he told Vogue.

The very candid and bare-face image of Moss was the first to become part of Testino’s #TowelSeries. With over 70 snaps added to the series, the exclusive collection captures a genuine bond between the model and Testino. “I choose very carefully who I photograph for it—it is only my point of view, no one else has a say in it,” the legendary photographer noted. Curious to find out who made the list?

Scroll down to see our favorite 15 images, and head here for the complete collection.