This Madrid-Based Blogger Makes the Case for Spanish Style

French girls will always be a source of major style inspiration, but at a certain point, we've got to step out of the Parisian sphere. So what's the next It girl-filled city to lust over? Look no further than Madrid where blogger and vintage curator María Bernad is known for her eclectic sense of style. With over 150k followers on Instagram, if you haven't heard of her yet, it won't be long before you see her name everywhere. 

Born in Valencia, the 21-year-old's interest in fashion began at a young age thanks to her mother and grandmother's collection of vintage clothing. She recently received a degree in Fashion Design and co-founded the online vintage store, Les Fleurs. So, it should come as no surprise that Bernad looks to the past for current style inspiration. "I love everything about vintage - especially vintage tops and dresses which are perfect for summer," she noted over email. Also on her shopping list were baskets, net bags, and for fall, oversized blazers. 

When it comes to trends she's tired of seeing, Bernad hints at the end of sportswear; instead, she told us that she wants to see more "executive womenswear like suits and oversized shirts with masculine tailoring." Look no further than her Instagram feed for countless ways to throw together this look. Speaking of Instagram, her one secret is to "always be yourself". 

With that, read on to see a variety of stylish looks you can find by scrolling through María Bernad's Instagram, then shop pieces inspired by her style!