Hold On: We're Buying Margot Robbie's $60 Leggings on Amazon

Don't you love it when you can buy something celebrity-approved from Amazon? From Kate Middleton's $65 sneakers to Michelle Obama's affordable leggings, the retailer has a super-stylish selection. Now, Margot Robbie is the latest star to show off an affordable find that you can snag on Amazon.

Photographed en route to a workout in Los Angeles, she wore Fila Karlie Tight Pants ($60) along with a Nike tank top and Puma Basket Classic Sneakers ($63). Thanks to the oversize logo, her Fila leggings are an upgrade from garden-variety black versions, so look no further than Robbie if you want to step up your workout wardrobe.

Scroll down to see Margot Robbie's full outfit and shop her leggings from Amazon.

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Opening Image: Getty Images