Margaret Zhang Shares Her Favourite Pearl of Wisdom

Aside from being an expert at convincing us to try unexpected trends before they're even on our radar, Margaret Zhang is a woman of many talents. As a photographer, writer, stylist, director, and producer living in New York City, it's a wonder how Zhang ever finds the time to update her website that started it all (Shine By Three, for those unacquainted). 

As we're some Zhang's biggest supporters, we're always watching to see what she's up to next. Her latest project? A campaign for luxurious Australian pearl label, Kailis, featuring actress Olympia Valance.

We caught up with the creative to discover how she's wearing pearls this season, her best advice, and more.

Keep scrolling, then shop Kailis if you're feeling inspired.


Margaret Zhang for Kailis

WHO WHAT WEAR AUSTRALIA: How do you see women incorporating pearls into their wardrobe this summer? 

MARGARET ZHANG: Maximalism’s effect on day wear is probably one of my favourite things. I love layering pearls (particularly asymmetrically in the earring department) with easy cottons, linens, and denim, or one statement piece with a floaty, floral, frilled dress.

WWW: Why do you think Olympia Valance embodies the Kailis woman?

MZ: Olympia has such poise, camera presence, and magnetism. She is inherently creative, ambitious and open-minded—all characteristics that lend themselves to a great shoot and a flourishing career, as it happens.


Margaret Zhang for Kailis

WWW: You’re doing a lot more work with motion now, tell us about that?

MZ: Film is, somewhat conveniently, an intersection of all my great loves: Music, art, movement, design, image-making, and storytelling. I find it to be a greater creative challenge.

WWW: Can you share with us your favourite pearl of wisdom?

MZ: My mother has always reminded me to focus on building real skills that will sustain a longer career than those who fake it till they make it, but at the end of the day have no true foundations or substance to their stature. Also, be kind.


Margaret Zhang for Kailis

WWW: You’re always working on amazing projects in the background—can you let us in on what you’ve got coming up next?

MZ: I have been working on a short film for the past year that premieres in November, which is a little nerve-racking, but of course very surreal. I can only imagine what it would be like to be baring your soul on a body of work as massive as say, a feature film, that is years and years in the making.

Opening image: Margaret Zhang by Getty Images

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