Manhattan's Rachel Brosnahan on Her Most Stylish Character Yet

While a television show about the race to film the first atomic bomb may not scream fashion, the 1940s-inspired costumes—complete with housedresses swathed in floral prints, intricately detailed blouses, and menswear-inspired trousers—say otherwise. The show is WGN America’s Manhattan. The setting: Los Alamos, New Mexico. And at the center is the brilliant but flawed scientist Charlie Issacs and his wife, Abby, played by House of Cards star Rachel Brosnahan.

Earlier this summer at the show’s press junket, we sat down with Brosnahan to talk all things Abby, particularly her amazing style, and who and what inspires her real-life look. Hint: Designer Kate Spade plays a big part! Keep reading for our exclusive interview with the actress, and tune into tonight at 9 p.m. EDT/8 p.m. CDT for the season two premiere of Manhattan.