5 Awesome Things We Found at Mango for $10 or Less

Fewer things are sweeter than the thrill of a shopping success. As we engaged in online retail therapy over the weekend, we came across some seriously awesome finds on Mango's site. From a slouchy summer-worthy tee to a chic makeup pouch for our handbag, the selection is no joke. The best part is that everything we shopped for is under $10. That is not a typo! Before we knew it, there were five items in our shopping cart (and naturally, we checked out ASAP in case it was a mistake on their end). We're happy to report that these are in fact the real prices—and you mustn't miss out.

Keep scrolling to check out the five incredible under-$10 finds from Mango.

Which one of these picks do you think is the best value? Tell us in the comments!

Opening Image: Mango