Mango Created a Special Collection in Honor of Ramadan

After Dolce & Gabbana released its first line of hijabs and abayas earlier this year, Mango is the latest to cater to Muslim shoppers. As WWD reports, the fast-fashion retailer will be launching a special collection for Ramadan, the Muslim holy month that begins the first week of June. 

“The globalization of collections is part of the business development the brand has been applying to different markets for over 10 years now,” a Mango representative told WWD. From pretty maxi dresses to gorgeous caftans, the collection is sure to appeal to a wide range of style-conscious customers. Mark your calendars: It officially launches May 30. 

Scroll down to preview Mango's special collection for Ramadan. 

What do you think about the idea? Tell us in the comments below, and while we wait for the collection to launch May 30, shop Mango's new arrivals!