The Mandy Moore Pictures You Haven't Seen Yet

Last week, Mandy Moore got very blunt when she chatted with Byrdie about everything from her career hang-ups to her family to her aura. The onetime pop star, now a certifiable actress, didn’t hold back, and in an exclusive look at some of the material left on the cutting room floor, we’re getting a peek at how Moore’s just as direct when it comes to her style.

For starters, don’t expect the This Is Us star to champion of-the-moment ’90 style resurgence anytime soon. When asked about her fashion POV now compared to when “Candy” was still on the radio, she laughs and says, “I hope it’s changed for the better.”

In fact, not only is Moore well past the ’90s, but also, she’s moved a bit, well, far ahead of her time. “I feel like I’m a grandma now or something,” Moore says. “Grandma. That feels like my aesthetic.”

While we have to argue a bit—our grandmothers don’t typically wear Ellery and Are You Am I chokers—we can respect a bit of old-fashioned, classic, comfort-minded clothing. Even more so, we can respect a girl who knows what she likes and is not afraid to be honest.

Scroll down to check out the exclusive images and shop a “grandma” staple, the cardigan.

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Photography: Sacha Maric; Makeup: Jenn Streicher; Hair: Ashley Streicher; Styling: Dani + Emma