These Are the Soft Tees You've Always Dreamed Of

Experts just do things better, and no one does the classic tee like Majestic Filatures. In fact, chances are you've slid into one of these shirts before without even knowing it. For over 25 years, the French clothing label has produced the fabric for 170 of the world's top designers, but it's finally stepping into a spotlight all its own.

When I visited the brand's New York showroom, the first thing I saw was rows of silky, soft tees, and yes, my first reaction was to touch every single one. The shirts are all designed at the brand's atelier in Paris using super-luxe silk, cashmere, linen, and leather. From season to season, Majestic Filatures introduces new pieces—a wrinkle-free blazer or a new knit—but keeps its core pieces around through the year. So if you keep a tightly edited wardrobe (like I do), sticking to the basics will be easy.

Read on for a look at the tee line and to pick out a top or two for yourself!