Every 60 Seconds Madewell Sells a Pair of These Flattering Jeans



Slipping into a pair of skinny jeans that just fit is an experience up there with that first perfect bite of chocolate cake, or the second you turn off your toes hit the sand on vacation. It's a moment when your brain chatter goes silent, and there's only one way how to describe how you feel: transcendental.

Dramatic, maybe, but that's the way we feel putting on a pair of Madewell's skinny jeans. The tried-and-true basics brand has always offered up solid staples, what fans describe as "unicorn skinny jeans" and "perfect." But we all know actions speak louder than words, so we tapped the team at Madewell to learn a little more. The brand let us in on a pretty spectacular fact: It sells a pair of skinny jeans every minute. That means over 10,000 pairs a week (yeah, I did the math). With that sort of an endorsement, it may just be time for you to give the jeans a try too.

Read on to shop a few of our favorite skinny jeans from Madewell now!