Grove Street in West Village

“When I was in college I worked in the West Village and spent so much time wandering the streets. Grove Street is one of those little blocks in NYC where you feel transported”

Hamiltons Luncheonette

“On the weekends the west village is sleepy and slow paced- maybe why I love it so much. I love sitting at the bar here for a quick treat / coffee, or enjoying a quick lunch with a friend on the patio.”

Bleecker Street Records

“I love browsing records, discovering old gems. There is nothing better then listening to some of your favorite vinyl’s on a Sunday morning.”

Happy Bones Coffee

“Every time I come here I seem to meet someone amazing or coincidentally connect with an IG friend that I have followed for years.”

Nolitan Hotel

“I love being surrounded by people who are visiting the city. It fills you with a renewed sense of awe and love for NYC.”

"So many areas of New York are dear to my heart and completely inspiring, but I have always loved wandering around the West Village and surrounding neighborhoods. You can’t help but to get a little lost, in all the best ways. This city guide is all about getting lost in one of the best cities in the world."

— Madelynn Furlong

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