Fact: I'm Obsessed With These Comfy Lululemon Leggings



Lululemon's leggings have entered cult-status territory. While it's been almost 20 years since the fitness brand first started in Vancouver, women still obsess over its comfortable and ultra-flattering designs. But there's one style, in particular, that I've become obsessed with: the Align Pants, which may just be the comfiest pair of leggings I've ever owned.

The leggings are feather-light, offering an almost-naked feeling—in a good way. Though you can barely feel them when they're on, they still hug in all the right places. And while I might pick something a bit more hard-core for running or a major sweat session, they're the perfect leggings for an afternoon of yoga and errands, or just hanging around the house.

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