Lululemon Just Created Its Most Advanced Bra Yet

Think you've seen it all when it comes to sports bras? Lululemon has set out to reimagine the workout staple with its new Enlite Bra ($98) that launches today, and it's safe to say you'll be impressed.

"We threw out the rulebook on how bras are designed, and we decided to start from the body by draping fabric onto a 3D form," Alexandra Plante, Lululemon Whitespace Innovation Product Manager, told Who What Wear. "The lightweight Spacer fabric used to create the cups wraps around the natural curvature of the body, resulting in a comfortable encapsulation of the breast tissue." The bra also incorporates the brand's proprietary new fabric, Ultralu, which Plante describes as "buttery soft, providing optimal stretch and recovery."

So how is this high-tech bra different from others you've tried? Plante went on to explain the beauty of the design: "The innovation behind the Enlite Bra lies in the way Lululemon approaches managing movement of the breast during running," she told us. "The Enlite Bra works with the body, not against it … In developing the bra, we challenged the traditional belief that reducing breast movement is what provides women comfort and high performance. Instead, the Enlite Bra manages harmonious movement across the whole body."

Plus, ringing in at under $100 and available in 20 different sizes, the bra is more than worth a try in our minds. After all, being able to run worry-free is pretty much priceless.

Scroll down to see the campaign images, and shop Lululemon's new high-tech bra.