Getting to Know Model Daisy Clementine, Lucky Blue Smith's Sister

Both Lucky Blue Smith and sister Pyper America have made quite a modeling splash in 2015, but another Smith, Daisy Clementine, is poised to make waves as well. 

According to W, though Daisy, 20, was primarily focusing on Smith family band The Atomics, but she has since changed her focus and has been booking jobs with the likes of Vogue Italia.

One thing Daisy loves about modeling is that it's a family business. “The most fun thing for me is shooting with my siblings,” she told W. “We just mess around. Like we’ll all be close together in the picture and Lucky or Pyper will reach around and pinch me. They look perfect and then I look like a total spaz!” But Daisy's bubbly and bright personality is sure to take her far on her own, too.

Watch the W video below to learn more about Daisy!



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