Did You Spot the Stranger Things Tee at Louis Vuitton?

Fashion and campy horror are not two things that seem to go together, but in a break from the opulence of fashion week, Louis Vuitton gave us something extra special to smile about. Creative Director Nicolas Ghesquière seemed to have Netflix nights on the brain, sending down many models dressed in silky boxer shorts, slip-like dresses, and sneakers too. 

But the dead giveaway that Ghesquière is a loyal Netflix-er? A T-shirt emblazoned with the stars of Stranger Things across the front. Last year, the designer posted a photo to Instagram with the popular show's young cast, including trendsetter Milly Bobby Brown. Now, it seems the designer and creative director is paying further homage to the show, which is set to return for its second season later this fall.

See the full collection below.