Kate Moss's Little Sister Proves Style Is Hereditary

So everyone already knows how legendary Kate Moss's style is. I mean, the woman is an icon. But did you know she has a super-stylish little sister, too? Well, now you do. Meet Lottie Moss, who just provided the best proof that style really does run in the family.

She was spotted last week heading out to a club with friends in a classic, all-black, slightly undone look and a leather jacket, which is a total Moss move. However, we love that she found a way to personalize things with a lighter pastel silk top and a fuzzy bag to accessorize. Even though it's obvious where Lottie gets her inspiration, she's definitely proving that her own sense of style is a force to be reckoned with too. We can't wait to see what she steps out in next.

Scroll on to check out the look for yourself!

Lottie Moss London Style October 2016


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