Hollywood's Top Jeweler Says This One Thing Influences Everything She Designs


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If you've ever found yourself entranced by the unbelievable bling that bedecks A-listers at Hollywood's red carpet events, you have Lorraine Schwartz to thank. Most recently, the celebrity-loved jewelry designer is responsible for the 105-carat Colombian emerald earrings set in black jade that Zoë Kravitz wore to the Golden Globes, as well as Beyoncé's 35-carat diamond earrings that she wore at this year's Grammys. Both looks Schwartz admitted she counts as her favorites from this past award season when we caught up with her at a launch party in Los Angeles this past week. Of Beyoncé's earrings Schwartz added fondly, "We made those for her. She's my girl. They're made with love."

This close-knit sentiment with clients was evident at Schwartz's very first L.A. party at Delilah in West Hollywood. The star-studded event boasted a guest list including Kim Kardashian West, Blake Lively, Julianne Hough, and Alessandra Ambrosio, who all came out to celebrate the designer's latest collection: blue topaz–and-diamond Against Evil Eye bangle bracelets. Before the party, Schwartz shared how much energy plays a role in her designs. "I'm really affected by energy," she confessed. "I try to live my life really positive and always see the good in everyone." Her new collection, with pieces that range from $6000 to $40,000, is intended to keep bad energy at bay. "God forbid there's some negative energy out there—let that bracelet ward it off," she noted. "I think I've really been blessed to have a lot of positive energy around me."


Courtesy of Lorraine Schwartz

When we asked Schwartz what stones and materials she's most drawn to, she explained that energy again plays a significant role. "I look at the stone and I get energy from the actual stone," she described. "The way it's cut more than the stone itself. Obviously, there are some stones I love. I love diamonds, I love emeralds, and I love paraiba [tourmaline], which is the color of the turquoise [in the evil eye]—it's the rarest stone that's a turquoise turquoise turquoise blue."

As for her advice for styling bangles—a trend that isn't ending anytime soon—her advice is simple: "Just put it on. That's the way it looks cool. No rules."