Loom Bracelets: How To Wear Kate Middleton's New Favorite Accessory

Chances are, if you have anyone under the age of 15 in your family, you know what a loom bracelet is. The handmade, woven plastic accessories have really taken off in the past year or so, and their sales recently came to a head—a 331% boost in sales, thanks to a little help from global style arbiter Kate Middleton.

On her royal tour of New Zealand, the Duchess of Cambridge was spotted wearing one of the bracelets, which was gifted to her by the people of the town of Christchurch. Shortly thereafter—in keeping with her long tradition of causing designer items to completely sell out—sales of loom bracelets skyrocketed.

But Middleton is far from the first style star to wear a woven friendship bracelet—scroll down for more stylish celebrities who love loom bracelets, and 8 stylish woven options you can shop now!