A French Trick for Looking Slim in a Puffer Jacket

As temps relentlessly drop, the more we progress into winter, and we can't help but bundle ourselves under more and more protective layers. Often, this results in what one might call MMS—Major Marshmallow Syndrome—and it's just not a good look. You might be warm, and marshmallows might be delicious, but that doesn't mean you want to resemble one!

Here, we turn to that storied relic of fashion inspiration: the French woman. French Vogue editor Emanuelle Alt was spotted at New York Fashion Week this season in Isabel Marant's ultra-puffy coat, and she utilized a brilliant-yet-simple trick to make sure her figure wasn't completely lost underneath. She put a narrow belt on, tied it tightly around her waist, and called it a day. And the results are remarkable; when you picture her outfit without the belt, you can see what we mean.

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Do you wear a lot of puffer jackets during the winter? How do you make them look slimming? Tell us in the comments below!