Single-Process Hair Color

Just one hair color? In the age of ombre, highlights, and hair mascara, it sounds crazy, but the look is catching on among a few trendsetting actresses. The phrase "single-process hair color" might conjure thoughts of bad home dye jobs or retro beauty icons, but today's version is a far cry from inky, lackluster, or wig-like color. Need proof? Check out celebs like Lana Del Rey, Lake Bell, and Jennifer Lawrence, all of whom have opted for one-color hair."Single-process color enables us to produce a high-gloss shine and even tone, roots to ends," says Marc Ramos, Del Rey's colorist at London's Easton Regal Salon. "Going into winter, celebs are moving away from the dip-dye look." If you're ready to jump on the bandwagon, perhaps score a bold, new Taylor Tomasi Hill-like hue, request "one-dimensional, all-over color," says Ramos. If you're worried that a single color will make your hair lack depth, ask for "hair shading," says Dean Roybal, Bell's colorist at Beverly Hills' Planet Salon. It offers a similar look, but with extra fullness thanks to an additional shade that is woven into the ends. Of course, with a full head of color you'll have to have your roots touched up every four to six weeks, but it's worth it for shiny, vibrant, statement-making color that's anything but one note.

-Lexy Lebsack

Photos courtesy of: Lake Bell, Lana Del Rey and Taylor Tomasi Hill, Getty Images; Jennifer Lawrence, Rex USA.