This 56-Year-Old Model Landed a Lingerie Campaign

Part of the appeal of great lingerie is that you feel beautiful wearing it. Regardless of anyone else, it's about embracing something that makes you feel special. For New Zealand brand Lonely Lingerie, that means celebrating women of all ages, which is why Lonely tapped 56-year-old Mercy Brewer to star in its latest campaign.

"The reality is we are all aging, and there are so many wonderful things about growing older," says Lonely co-founder and designer Helen Morris in a press release. "So often the primary message around age is intervention, which is a frustrating response to such a natural, inevitable process."

Lonely Lingerie has encouraged diversity and body positivity through its campaigns season after season, choosing to skip retouching, and celebrating women of all shapes and sizes. The latest images have an elegance and softness that brings a unique beauty to the project.

Notes Brewer, "I believe we are in a moment in time where older women's beauty has been a startling revelation. If we don't recognize it, we, every one of us, deny ourselves a future to look forward to."

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