Why This New $35 Bra Will Be the Most Comfortable One You Own



When a lingerie brand makes bras that are really pretty, super affordable, and surprisingly comfortable, we make a point to find out the details. You might remember the brand that had a 3000-person waiting list for its last launch of bras. Well, that same brand is back yet again, this time with a series of bras that it's particularly excited about, which can only mean one thing: Everyone will be on top of this new launch.

The brand is called Lively and wants you to know that, "as their softest collection to date, the All Day 3.0 Series is designed to let you live your best life all week along." The line of bralettes is meant to help transition seamlessly from workwear to loungewear—and look good doing it, which is definitely a plus. The All Day 3.0 collection features a pared-down color palette that masterfully combines toasted almond and navy in solids and mini stripes.

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