This Top Model Started Her Career for an Unexpected Reason


The Coveteur

Liu Wen, who’s been hailed by Vogue as the first Chinese supermodel, has built her career around breaking new ground. As the first East Asian woman to walk in a Victoria’s Secret show and the first Asian woman ever to sign with Estée Lauder, she’s paved the way for other Asian models to make it in the fashion industry. You might think this was her goal from the start, but it was much more serendipitous.

Speaking to The Coveteur about her career thus far, Wen opened up about why she got into the business in the first place:

“My venture into the [modeling] business was totally unexpected. My parents only wanted me to get used to having better posture when they encouraged me to join the modeling ranks, so none of us ever thought it would become an actual career.”

Well, if that isn’t reason enough to take our parents’ advice more, we’re not sure what is. Wen has worked so much since then that she can’t pinpoint her first job, but she shared this hilarious detail about her first casting: “I wore really thick clothes and looked like a loaf of bread.” Not so model-esque, we suppose, but adorable nonetheless.

Wen has come to love her job, even if it wasn’t her lifelong dream. “Soon after becoming a model I realized that I sincerely enjoyed this business,” she tells The Coveteur. “It gave me many refreshing and surprising experiences and it enabled me to keep challenging myself.”

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