The Little Designer Items That Brought in the Most Business

There’s a new fashion word on the horizon that you need to learn ASAP because it defines the culmination of products that high-end retailers across the globe are hungry for. As explained to us by BoF, the word is “tchotchkes,” which is a Yiddish word meaning trinkets or miscellaneous items. Designers and luxury brands have been expanding and diversifying into uncharted waters such as these tchotchkes over the past five years. Fflur Roberts, head of luxury goods at Euromonitor International, says that “these products are normally positioned at more accessible prices. As such, they act as an entry-level product for consumers who otherwise do not have the cash to afford designer apparel and luxury accessories. This widens a brand’s consumer base and helps build loyalty among wannabe luxury goods consumers. The margins on these products tend to be high and are a great way of increasing revenue, without diluting the prestige image of a brand.”

The products this term is referring to are ones that have made quite the appearance over this past year and therefore won’t be that shocking to you. Do you recall Anya Hindmarch’s embossed stickers, Fendi's bag charms, the Moschino cleaning spray phone case, and Burberry’s teddy bears? Not only did these designer trinkets grace the streets of fashion weeks around the world, but they continually are selling out, creating wait lists, and are generating revenue greater than expected. When it comes to designer goods, apparently size doesn't matter, because these small but fierce products are taking over. 

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Opening image: Style du Monde