More Than 2000 People Are Waiting to Get Their Hands on This Bag

While majorly statement-making It items have the power to rack up lengthy waiting lists and tons of buzz, plenty of simpler piece have that power as well. Consider Linjer as exhibit A.

The three-year-old brand calls itself an “independent design studio” and is based in Norway and Italy, positioning itself to deliver high-quality leather products like handbags, as well as other small accessories. But there’s one particular line of minimal, everyday basics that caught our eye—mostly because it has over 2000 people waiting to take them home.

Linjer’s latest collection of unfussy designs, including a canvas tote and simplistic crossbody, hasn’t launched yet and, according to a press release, is in demand by the thousands. More than 2000 orders have been placed collectively for Linjer’s latest line of handbags, specifically the Tulip and Mini styles.

The appeal is understandable. While the prices for these carryalls are nothing to scoff at—they range from $125 to $350—they run well under most luxury handbags. And seeing as the styles stick to clean silhouettes and neutral colors, instead of something too on trend that you'll get tired of, they're more likely to be a worthy fashion investment.

Take a look at the two top-selling styles below, then shop them on Indiegogo and get your name added to the growing waiting list.

Interested in the must-try silhouette? Take a look at the other bag style that's everywhere right now.