Name a More Iconic Duo Than This Style Star and Her Poodle

Linda Rodin says she doesn’t care what she looks like when walking her beloved dog, Winky, who she affectionately calls Winks. But that doesn’t mean her ensembles aren’t stylish—quite the opposite, in fact. “I’m here to tell you it’s not about the catwalk; it’s about the dog walk,” she advises in a sparkly dress and oversize jacket.

To be fair, this is a special outfit for walking with her four-legged friend, as seen on the set of Who What Wear's Fall Issue. However, considering this 69-year-old is a consistent source of inspiration when it comes to effortless, polished, yet statement-making ensembles—big coats, jeans, and flats are her go-tos—we’re sure she naturally brings a bit of that magic while carrying a leash and following Winky as he sniffs along the sidewalks of the West Village, too.

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