This Celeb-Approved Beauty Routine Is Refreshingly Simple

Most actresses on the heels of their big break don't have much to say yet about their beauty routine, but not Lily Cowles. It took the plucky breakout actress, who plays alien mean girl Isobel on Roswell, New Mexico (the CW's grown-up new reboot of the '90s sci-fi series), until she was 31 to score her first major TV role. "Honestly, I'm grateful," she says of her later-onset fame. Postponing celebrity gave Cowles time to establish a grounded sense of self, which is immediately perceptible from her confident (though deeply self-deprecating) way of talking about her beauty routine.

The daughter of two theatre actors, Cowles grew up in the backwoods of northwest Connecticut. "We didn't have a television," she describes. "We were kind of like left to our own devices, so play and imagination were definitely how I occupied my time." Her love of makeup developed from watching her parents use it to transform for their productions—and then using it herself to morph into different characters. "Even today, I love that I can wake up and go really fresh-faced, or I can get real edgy. You can just play into whatever mood you have, and I think that's what's always excited me about beauty," Cowles says.

Just about a month out from Rosewell's premiere, we got a chance to chat with Cowles about her current beauty and self-care routine as a 30-something who's just now experiencing the glamour and challenges of TV stardom for the first time. Keep scrolling to read her refreshing take on makeup, wellness, and more.