Do You Know Your '30s Style Slang? Lily Collins Breaks It Down

You might know your cropped flares from your bomber jackets, but do you know your cheaters from your ground gabbers? If the latter terms don’t sound familiar, we don’t blame you: They’re actually fashion slang used in the ’30s. (Cheaters are sunglasses, and ground grabbers are shoes, by the way.)

To help transport us to that bygone era, we couldn’t think of anyone better than the lovely Lily Collins. We enlisted her help to give you a rundown of the time period’s best slang—and show off plenty of sumptuous fashion inspired by the decade, of course. So why is she especially fitting? She stars in Amazon’s new show The Last Tycoon, which takes place in 1930s Hollywood and features amazing retro clothes and accessories. We chatted with Collins to get the scoop on her character, her favorite wardrobe moments from the show, and more.

Scroll down to learn about Jazz Age slang with Lily Collins and read our interview with the actress!

Talent: Lily Collins; Director: Blair Waters; Director of Photography: Harrison Sanborn; Hair: Mara Roszak; Makeup: Pati Dubroff; Wardrobe: Dani + Emma; Location: The Park Plaza Hotel. 

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