The Empowering Reason Lily Collins Loves to Wear Leggings

Lily Collins may be someone we often look to for style (and frankly, eyebrow) inspiration, but in the actress’s first book, available today, we find a truly new respect for her. Only a few months back, Collins opened up during an appearance at the Sundance Film festival to publicly share her past struggles with eating disorders. But in Unfiltered: No Shame, No Regrets, Just Me. we learn so much more. Same goes for when we chatting with the 27-year-old directly and discussed how she finds confidence through her clothing, as well.

While Collins has unforgettably wowed us several times on the red carpet, namely in princess-like gowns, that part of her style hardly came up when she spoke about clothing that makes her feel most powerful. And—perhaps surprisingly—the actress was much more keen to talk about an unexpected empowering piece: leggings. Below, we chatted with the now-author about how her biggest struggles and journey to self-acceptance tied in with her discovery of personal style. Scroll down for our conversation, as well as her astute advice about clothing choice that all women can benefit from.

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