21 Pretty Dresses That Belong at a Beach Wedding

It’s that time again: wedding season. At this point, your calendar is probably marked with more than a few summer weddings. And if, odds being what they are, you’re headed to the beach, we’ve done some digging to find the best dresses to wear for the occasion.

Beach weddings promise to be memorable, Instagram-worthy events, but picking the right dress can be tricky. Hunting for the perfect look entails finding something that is dress code approved that also looks good with flat sandals. Through some firsthand experience, we’ve discovered that your best bet is wearing a flowy dress in a lightweight fabric like chiffon or satin. Romantic floral patterns are foolproof, but we also love pairing a minimal monochrome dress with some statement sandals. Want to see the editor-approved looks for your next seaside nuptials?

Keep reading to shop 21 dreamy dresses to wear for a wedding on the beach.