Exactly Why Levi's 505 Jeans Became So Iconic

Levi's is no stranger to producing iconic jeans, but if we had to pick our favorite, it just might be the 505s. The jeans had their heyday in the '60s, but in honor of their 50th anniversary, the brand recently revamped them in the form of the new and improved 505C jeans.

British Vogue recently sat down with a Levi's historian—yes, that's a real job—to get the scoop on the brand's storied past. Our favorite thing we learned? She detailed exactly why the 505 jeans became as iconic as they did.

"Fashion can be a key indicator of time and culture," brand historian Tracey Panek told British Vogue. "The late sixties and early seventies were an explosive time, symbolized by a rising youth culture experimenting with music, drugs, counter-culture ideals and political activism. These happenings influenced fashion, with dress becoming a personal expression of one's philosophies and individuality. … The introduction of Levi's 505 jeans in 1967 fit seamlessly into this era and was quickly adopted by many teenagers, hippies and rock-and-rollers."

So there you have it: Now that you're armed with official Levi's historical knowledge, you can appreciate your beloved jeans all the more.

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Opening Image: Levi's