Shop the Historic Jeans Levi's Just Re-Launched

We know you’ve heard of Levi’s iconic 501 style, but what about the 505? Let us break it down for you. The year was 1967, and it was the summer of love. The counterculture was at its peak in San Francisco, and thus the 505s were born. They hit their stride, however, in the ’70s and were favorites by the likes of punk icons Debbie Harry and The Ramones. Now, almost 50 years later, they’ve returned as the 505C—and it’s time for you to get a pair.

So what makes them so special, and why do you need a pair even if you already have 501s? For starters, the Levi’s team shared with us that research shows there’s been an uptick in vintage sales for the 505 jeans in recent years. On the fashion side, the designers customized a straight leg that tapers in a bit more than the 501s, which is what the C stands for.

Scroll down to see the jeans then and now, and be sure to pick up a pair for your denim collection too. They’re under $100!