This Is What Jeans Looked Like 127 Years Ago 


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You probably know that Levi's have been around for quite some time, but did you know that the beloved style, the 501, has actually been around since May 20, 1873? That means that tomorrow, your favorite jeans will officially be 144 years old. In celebration of the birth of the blue jean and the anniversary of its invention overall, Levi's is doing something extremely special. The brand is launching a limited-edition collection consisting of three pieces, including an intricately embroidered pair of 501 jeans, a statement-making denim vest, and a pair of flattering 501 shorts. Each piece is "inspired by the music capitals of Austin, New York, Nashville, and San Francisco, celebrating rock 'n' roll in hand-distressed denim, scribbled embroidery, and vintage customizations." The collection will be available to shop starting May 20 on and select Levi's flagships in Chicago, L.A., NYC, and San Francisco.

To help give us some perspective on just how special Levi's birthday is, the brand gave us an inside look at its archived images of 501 jeans throughout the years. One particular pair caught our eye due to the fact that it was from 1890—that's 127 years ago. To no surprise, the jeans are still distinctly recognizable as the denim brand we all know and love, thanks to the button-up fly, slightly tapered waist, and that iconic back pocket stitching. I guess they call them classics for a reason.

Go on to see a photo of Levi's 501 jeans from 1890, plus, get a sneak peek of the exclusive collection.

In addition to the collection you just previewed, the brand also released the latest version of its documentary series, "The 501 Jean: Stories of an Original, Music." "The 501 Documentary—'The 501 Jean: Stories of an Original, Music'—explores the powerful relationship between music and the Levi's 501 jean. The documentary will feature archival footage, behind-the-scenes looks, and interviews with artists including Solange, Snoop Dogg, Dwight Yoakam, Vince Staples, Amber Coffman, stylist Karla Welch, and more, all describing the impact of both music and the Levi's 501 jean on culture."

Go on to view "The 501 Jean: Stories of an Original, Music."

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