Leo Turns 40 Today! A Look Back at the Star's Best Roles

Somewhere in the world, an event planner is fretting over making sure the center floral arrangements are right, the silk napkins perfectly folded, and the champagne duly en route. Why? Because today is Leonardo DiCaprio's 40th birthday! And there are few things the man loves more than a solid party.

To help him celebrate the big 4-0, we're fantasizing about all the iconic movie moments Leo has had through the years. From his Oscar-nominated turn in What's Eating Gilbert Grape? to his brooding, oh-so-swoon-worthy portrayal of the lovelorn Romeo to (of course) the babyfaced, eternally beautiful Jack Dawson in Titanic, Leo has practically raised us from childhood.

Keep scrolling to see a rundown of Leo's most iconic movie roles ever! Happy birthday to you, Leo!